New Way for Students to Sign In to Aeries

OUSD has changed Student AERIES logins to “Sign in with Google”.  This should make it quicker and easier for students to sign in and stay signed in.  Please make sure your children (at Brewer and at other OUSD schools) learn their new sign in process. 

Student login to AERIES.

Browse to

Student enters their Login in the format

Then click the red NEXT button.

This brings up this screen …

Student clicks the “Sign in with Google” box.

This takes them directly into AERIES, if on a CB (where Chrome remembers their p/w from login), or on a desktop/laptop where they’ve done this before (and Chrome remembers their password).

Otherwise, it takes them straight to the Sign in with Google dialog …

Student clicks the blue NEXT button then enters their standard p/w (00+six-digit-stu-ID), then clicks NEXT again, and they’re in.  Easy-peasy.