Mission Statement & Eligibility

Mission Statement and Student Athlete Code:

Our goal for the Edna Brewer Athletic Department is to provide a setting that promotes and prepares our students for all situations on the court/field and in life. Through participation in sports at Edna Brewer, our athletes will develop more PRIDE in who they are and where they are from. Along with our Positivity, Respect, Independence, Determination and Empathy values, we also emphasize cooperation, communication, prioritization, discipline, perseverance and goal-setting. Through hard work and commitment, our student athletes will become stronger members of a community and finish any sports season with a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Eligibility Requirements:

Edna Brewer Middle School expects all athletes, class officers, performers, and other extracurricular participants to be outstanding citizens and role models. In order to be eligible for participation in these activities, students must maintain a C average in academic work and may not receive any F’s in citizenship. Eligibility is monitored by the sponsor/coach of any activity or sport, and is determined by reviewing the preceding marking period’s report card.  All eligibility issues will be reviewed by the administration. Poor attendance, physical violence or fighting of any kind, possession of illegal substances, or more than two suspensions from school will result in ineligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.

Playing Requirements:

Students are expected to attend all practices and games. Students will be required to be on time and to wear appropriate athletic attire at all times while participating in competitive play. Students must have no more than one F and an ACADEMIC GPA of 2.0 or above on their most recent marking period report card to participate in games.